Our mission statement:

The Slandala Company is a consulting company that earns the trust of its clients by providing objective and accomplished expertise in the information security lifecycle

- by deserving our clients trust, we will earn their business.


With that goal, we have adopted the following principles that guide our assessments, business and operations.

Value  The Slandala Company provides a fair and thorough assessment meeting the compliance requirements of the engagement.  We also endeavor to provide a value beyond that, by providing observations and recommendations based on our experience with a wide variety of systems and operations, while minimizing our impact to your day-to-day operations. 

Transparency  The Slandala Company is always willing to discuss our approach, observations and conclusions.  During an assessment, we strive to establish an atmosphere of openness and partnership where the client can always openly address any concerns with process or findings.   An engagement based on partnership not only makes for a more agreeable work atmosphere, but improves our mutual understanding and the accuracy of the results. A partnership allows us to address any issue or potential finding and fosters a clearer understanding for the client, the staff and the assessor. 

Impartiality  The Slandala Company does not engage in assessments or business which involve or may involve a conflict between the interests of The Slandala Company and the interests of our clients or where a risk of impartiality may arise.  The Slandala Company does not assess any of our own operations or work and maintains a strict independence from the operations we assess.

Confidentiality  The Slandala Company will protect our clients information and will not disclose information without their direction and approval. 

Resolution of Issues and Feedback The Slandala Company will always thoughtfully consider and openly discuss our approach, conclusions or any complaint or concern about our work.  We formally request client input at four junctures: the kickoff, while on site, during the review of our deliverables and at the conclusion of the engagement.  We encourage discussions of our conclusions, which we base on the documented criteria and a full understanding of the available evidence.  If the criteria is clear and the evidence available, we can usually agree on the conclusion.

At the conclusion of the engagement, we will also ask for any issues or feedback.  This is a sincere formal request and our opportunity to improve our process.  We also do it because we want to continue to earn your business.